‘From Alcohol Addiction’ The Sound Healing Of Shaman’s Apothecary

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Order Sound Healing from alcohol addiction.

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The Sound Healing ‘From Alcohol Addiction’ from our shaman’s apothecary. This Sound Healing directs the shaman’s powers on healing the causes of addiction to alcohol, reduces craving for alcohol, removes the programme of addiction from the mind. Helps to eliminate the symptoms of alcohol addiction and heal from the harmful habit.

Delivery terms
Within 1 business day after ordering, an audio file (s) with your order is sent to your email or messenger.

How the shaman’s apothecary works
‘From Alcohol Addiction’ Sound Healing is a healing wisdom infused with Sound Healing practice for body, mind, and spirit. Each Sound Healing ‘From Alcohol Addiction’ is created individually by shamanic medium for the specific situation of each client. You just need to listen to the audio record (the Sound Healing ‘From Alcohol Addiction’, the duration of 8-10 minutes) in a calm atmosphere, like meditation. The listening schedule may vary depending on your situation. The shaman’s apothecary utilizes the power of sound for the best results. Together with the audio file (Sound Healing), will be sent to you all the necessary instructions for proper use.

The Sound Healing ‘From Alcohol Addiction’ can be ordered for any of your family members or friends and even listen to the audio file instead of him/her. Anyway, the Sound Healing ‘From Alcohol Addiction’ will work through you.

Benefits and harm
The Sound Healing ‘From Alcohol Addiction’ has no contraindications, does not cause an imbalance and addiction, does not weaken immunity, does not have negative side effects.

Best Before and Expiry Dates
The Sound Healing ‘From Alcohol Addiction’ has no expiration date. So, it will work for you as long as you like. Months, years, decades – no problem! The main thing is not to lose the audio file.

Additional information





Delivery time

1 business day


8-10 minutes

Expiration date

It has no expiration date

File format


Individualized instructions


Product Features

Blesses, Enlightens, Heals, Protects, Removes symptoms


10 Mb

User difficulty level


Working principle

Shamanic healing, Sound healing

2 reviews for ‘From Alcohol Addiction’ The Sound Healing Of Shaman’s Apothecary

  1. Billy Boy

    I listened to my alcohol addiction audio 4 times a week, 2 weeks in a row; another week 3 times. Then there was a big party with friends, lots of drinking…. and I just wanted to get the hell out of there. For 3 months now I have not drunk alcohol at all. I’m very grateful!

  2. Gwen

    i’m withdrawing from alcohol already for three month, without any trouble. Very helpful remedy. Thank you!

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