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Third Eye Opening Magic Surgery

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Wake up your third eye with a magic surgery.
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Don't do this if you're not ready. The activation of the third eye will open the sleeping potential in the human. People begin to feel energies, they can learn to influence reality with intention, heal people, some can see the spirit world and even look into the future.

Which strength to choose

Strong - the spell is charged with the sound of a magic rattle;

Ultra Strong - the spell is charged with rattle sound and fire;

Mega Ultra Strong - the spell is

charged with rattle sound + fire + silent elements.

So, if you are ready, then follow the next instructions:

1) make and pay for the order
2) an audio file will be sent to your email within 1-2 business days
Attention: The audio file contains a magic operation to open your third eye, so keep it out of the reach of others.

How to use:

• headphones
• comfortable posture
• don't think about anything
• turn on the recording and listen totally
• do not move your body and mind
• Important: Only listen to the audio for 3 days in a row and repeat only if necessary.
• Always follow these instructions!

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