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The Debt Banishing Spell

Your debtors will be out of luck.
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Over and over again They will begin to be pressed by obsessive thoughts about what they have done. Even their dreams will be under your control. Everything around the debtors will begin to push to return the debt. They will understand that it's time to return everything until the last cent or penny, otherwise, there is a complete ruin and loss of all values ahead.

Create your own Wishmaster - We will make for you a personal tool that will help your wishes come true soon. We emphasize: Wishmaster are made specifically for your purpose. The basis is purely your intention. When you listen, your intention will begin to manifest itself in reality. Intention can be directed at another specific person, at a group of people, or at anything you like. You can listen by yourself, or involve any number of listeners to enhance the effect. By Shaman Aleks

Who divides Magic into black and white is an incomplete Magician. Each of these sits at the half potential. Magic is not white and not black, it is Whole - this is the Universe. My Spells are Whole Magic. No side effects other than Universe Wisdom and Deep Understanding of Life. Whether sceptics like it or not, this is a Great Truth.

Easy and simple to use

You do not need any experience what so ever to use the magic spells we've created. This means that you just have to listen to the audio recording in order to activate the spell. Because it's composed of magical sounds and unique Rhythm of about 270 beats per minute, the spell is inside the sound. By listening to the sound, you activate the essence of the spell, which starts the necessary work with reality.

Eternal Product

Your purchase will remain your faithful magic tool for as long as you want. You can use it anytime anywhere. Even in case, you have lost your product we guarantee full recovery for it. The main thing is to stick to the instruction guide and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us

How to use

Quick Guide

After you have placed the order you will receive a Google Drive link to an audio file. Save the file on your device and open it on your favourite media player. Put on some headphones, make yourself comfortable, close your eyes, make sure nothing will be distracting during the listening session, calm your body and mind, and listen to the audio file adhering to the magic formula below, for the best results.

Magic Formula

  1. Beginner: listen to the spell for 21 days in a row;
  2. Standard: listen to the spell for 36 days, three days a week for 3 months - «Recommended!»;
  3. Expert: 4-5 days a week 4+ months.

*In special cases, you can get an individual magic formula.
Note: If there is any reason why a person can't listen to the audio her/himself you can always listen for him/her, and the spell will work just as good.

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