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Family Blessing Spell

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Family blessing spell is the protection of family happiness.
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Family blessing spell will protect your family's health and cleanse from destructive energies. Don't skimp on the power of the spell to get the most benefit out of it. When ordering, be sure to write your wishes and complaints, if you have any.

Which strength to choose

Strong - the spell is charged with the sound of a magic rattle;

Ultra Strong - the spell is charged with magic rattle and fire power;

Mega Ultra Strong - the spell is charged with magic rattle + fire power + silent elements

Terms and conditions

• The order is executed within 2 working days;

• To your email, the order will be sent in the form of audio file (s).

How to use

It is simple to use, listen to a 15-minute audio file clearly following the instructions:

  • Headphones;
  • Comfortable posture;
  • Close your eyes;
  • Make sure you are not distracted, listen totally;
  • Calm your body and mind;
  • Repeat 3-6 times a week;
  • From the 21 day you will be able to see the results, for how long you will have to listen will be based on your situation;
  • Be sure to follow the instructions!

If there is any reason why a person can't listen to the audio her/himself you can always listen for him/her, and the blessing spell will work just as good.

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