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Come Back Curse to Your Enemies

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Tired of being cursed - Come Back Curse to Your Enemies...
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Product Details

Tired of constantly suffering unfairly from negative circumstances. Are you going to call for the help of Justice and return luck. Crave to remove evil smiles from the faces of your enemies. Then you're in the right place. We will create a powerful boomerang for your enemies. Boomerang will return curses to the last drop and will penetrate any protection. You can use it over and over again.

Which strength to choose

Strong - the spell is charged with the sound of a magic rattle;

Ultra Strong - the spell is charged with rattle sound and fire;

Mega Ultra Strong - the spell is charged with rattle sound + fire + silent elements.

Terms and conditions of use:

• The order is executed within 2-3 working days
• The order will be sent to your E-Mail in the form of audio file (s)


• Headphones
• Comfortable position
• Turn on audio
• Cover your eyes
• Do not be distracted, listen totally focused
• Try to calm your body and mind and do not move too much
• Repeat 4-6 times a week
• The visible effect will begin in 2-3 weeks, continue as long as you need
• Be sure to follow the instructions!

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